Save Your Tooth With A Broken Tooth Treatment

Broken Tooth Treatment

The tooth is exceptionally tough, but there are still possibilities of fracture, cracking and chipping. Broken tooth treatment aims to provide you with first aid information on how to handle these cases. It is advised that you go to your nearest dental clinic for them to examine the damage that your tooth incurred. This will help identify what remedies are necessary for your broken tooth to be fixed or restored.

There are several causes why this happens to your tooth. A chipped tooth could be due to forceful biting on hard food such as candies. It is also possible for you to crack your tooth due to accidents like when you fall from the stairs. Injuries may also occur during sports and being hit by a hard object in your mouth can break your teeth.

Why you need an immediate broken tooth treatment?

Pain is not always present when you break or chip your tooth. However, the tongue may be injured by the sharp cut from your broken tooth. If a large portion of your tooth is detached it might affect the nerves on your tooth causing you to feel pain. Your dentist will provide you with broken tooth pain relief medication when this happens. This is done to avoid further discomfort from the injury.

Extreme pain can be felt if the nerve ending in your tooth’s dentin is exposed to air. You will feel a sting of pain when you’re drinking something hot or cold. This pain may come and go and usually manifest if you are chewing since it puts pressure on the damaged areas of your tooth.

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What to do in case of tooth damage?

Some patients attempt to perform broken tooth treatment at home; however, this leads to your tooth being compromised. Here are some dental case scenarios where you need the help of your dentist to address your damaged tooth.

  • It is advised that you immediately visit your dentist if you have fractured (cracked) tooth. Sometimes it may seem that everything is fine and pain may be minimal and only hurts when you chew while you are eating. However, there may be other damages to your tooth that still needs to be examined by your orthodontist. Refer this dental case as quickly as possible to your dentist to avoid worsening the damage on your tooth. Pain usually is associated with this and broken tooth pain relief is applied by your orthodontist.
  • You must go to your dentist as soon as possible to save your tooth in the event that it gets broken. This may be due to some decay from cavities that have formed inside your tooth. Your dentist will be able to repair the tooth’s breakage and restore its function.  

Types of broken tooth treatment

Dental services in London Ontario offers broken tooth treatment. This is applied differently which depends on the type of damage it falls under.

  • Minor cracks look like a hairline crevice in your tooth. They appear on the enamel of your teeth. This is the outer white layer of the tooth. These cases rarely need extensive treatment and can be remedied with polishing the outer layer of the tooth to remove the rough patches.
  • A tooth injury also causes broken cusps, giving much discomfort to the patient. The dentist onlays and dental crown procedure to treat and restore the tooth’s shape.  
  • Serious tooth breakage can have extensive depth and may expose the nerve of your tooth. This is the cause of pain and discomfort that you can feel. Your dentist provides immediate broken tooth pain relief to the affected tooth to ease the sensitivity in the area. He may need to perform a root canal treatment in order to remove the exposed nerve of the tooth. This is done to avoid hypersensitivity and irritation with chewing and drinking.

A broken tooth needs an immediate treatment to avoid further dental issues. Your dentist uses the best treatment option, depending on dental case. Time is of the essence, so visit your local dentist today and have your broken tooth treated.




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