How Do I Respond to a Broken Tooth?

We’ve done this a number of times before: indulging into a chewing habit, biting on a crispy morsel, or taken a tumble or two. Any of these incidents are embarrassing especially when you’ve ended up with a Broken Tooth London Ontario in the process.

Traumatic injury isn’t always the main culprit of a broken tooth. A tooth that has been badly decayed or a tooth that has lost a ton of blood is several times more vulnerable to fractures and chips.

Temporary Pain Relief

Before going to the dentist office, it’s recommended to have a cold compress applied to the external part of the mouth over the broken tooth. This will aid in reducing both pain and swelling.

Pain meds can also be taken to relieve the pain. If the broken tooth happens to have a sharpened edge, a drop of orthodontic wax can be applied to seal the edge temporarily and to prevent cuts.

Available Treatment Options

Dentists have a number of treatments available to help restore the broken tooth to its original function and shape. If the culprit is tooth decay, then a dental filling is needed to add bulk to the “hollowed” part of the tooth.

Dental bonding, which makes use of a resin composite, is perfect for concealing chips and improving tooth size. The procedure can also be utilized to fill in gaps between teeth or covering stains that don’t normally respond to teeth whitening.

If a significant aspect of the tooth requires removal, then a dental crown may be a suitable option.

Veneers accomplishes the same purpose as that of dental bonding. The only difference here is that the result leads to a natural appearance that can’t be distinguished from natural teeth.

To know more about how to deal with a broken tooth or want to seek treatment, visit the London Dentist right away.

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