Types Of Same Day Denture Repair In London Ontario

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When you lose your teeth due to decay or accidents that cause facial trauma, you can opt to have dentures. These can replace lost teeth; however, these are also vulnerable and can break at any time. Patients with damaged dentures no longer need to worry because clinics nowadays offer same day denture repair in London Ontario.

What are dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth used to replace a set of lost teeth and are commonly used by adults.  The dentist takes an impression of the patient’s teeth before dentures are carefully designed for a perfect fit. An Ontario dentist makes dentures that match the appearance of the patient’s natural teeth for a more confident smile.

Kinds of dentures

Full dentures

Full dentures are recommended when the patient has lost most of their teeth. Dentures are mounted either at the top or bottom of the gums put together by a suction or an oral adhesive. When full dentures are damaged, immediately visit a clinic that does same day denture repair in London Ontario.

Partial dentures

Dentists use partial dentures when the nearby natural teeth are incapable of supporting dental bridges. Partial dentures are used by an Ontario dentist when there’s one or two missing teeth.

What are the types of same day denture repair in London Ontario?

Replacing broken and worn-out dentures

Dentures are vulnerable to breakage and it’s a no-no if broken dentures aren’t fixed immediately. Also, worn-out dentures need replacement because these can be ill-fitting. Patients can save time and effort when they visit a clinic that does same day denture repair in London Ontario.

Relining of dentures

Traditional dentures are designed to fit perfectly onto the patient’s gums and the alveolar ridge. However, due to missing teeth, the patient’s jaw may slowly recede and may cause the alveolar ridge to change shape as well. This causes dentures to loosen and may affect the patient’s speech. To prevent this, patients need to have their dentures relined periodically by an Ontario dentist.




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