5 Facts Everyone Should Know About A Dental Bridge

Tooth loss is quite a nightmare and most do their best to avoid it. So, it is very important that you take extra precaution to prevent the deterioration of your teeth. The most common reason why this happens is due to decay. Bad oral hygiene is the major cause of damage to your teeth. Now, dentists make use of a dental bridge as permanent replacement to your missing teeth. Unlike dentures, it’s attached to the remaining teeth or implants and it restores your perfect smile.

Important facts about dental bridges

It’s important to know more about a porcelain dental bridge so you will have an informed choice before having this treatment.

  1. The dental pontics can be attached if the adjacent teeth are still strong enough to support the bridge. However, if the surrounding teeth are injured or fractured, then a dental implant will be needed for this procedure to be accomplished.
  2. You can have a bridge for one to three consecutive missing teeth.
  3. A crown and a bridge can last for decades with proper oral care. Although they’re made of materials that are not prone to decay, the teeth they’re covering aren’t. That’s why you still need to take care of your crowned teeth.
  4. Having dental pontics preserves your teeth alignment.
  5. Your crown and bridge will need a different flossing product than your regular teeth. You can always ask your dentist to see if they offer these special flosses for your bridge.

patient with dental bridge

Types of a dental bridge

There are multiple types of a dental bridge in London, Ontario. Your prosthodontist will make the necessary evaluation before he recommends what type of dental bridge is suited for your need. Here are the following types of bridges.

  • Traditional

This consists of a false tooth that’s anchored by dental crowns and are attached to the surrounding teeth. It is commonly applied when you still have healthy natural teeth on both sides of your missing tooth.

  • Cantilever

This type of bridge is similar to a traditional porcelain dental bridge. However, instead of needing two neighbouring teeth, this only needs one to hold it in place. It is an ideal option to save healthy natural teeth from being trimmed down.

  • Maryland

A Maryland dental pontic will not need a dental crown to be attached to the surrounding teeth. Instead, it uses a metal or a porcelain framework to position it as a replacement of your missing tooth.

  • Implant-supported dental bridge

A dental implant is a dental screw which replaces the roots of your natural teeth. The implant will be used as an anchor for the dental bridge, making the crown and bridge stable and durable.

Alternative procedures to save your teeth

Your dentist will only recommend a tooth extraction when your teeth are beyond saving. Treatments such as root canal therapy could save a badly decayed tooth from being removed. Other procedures such as application of veneers can fix problems with discolouration and mild teeth deterioration.

However, there are unavoidable circumstances such as accidents and impacted wisdom tooth that would need tooth removal. If you are faced with this situation, it is always best to get in touch with your dentist. This is to make sure that you are given the best option for your missing teeth.

Most dentists would recommend a porcelain dental bridge as tooth replacement for their patients. The reason is that it blends perfectly well with the shade of the patient’s natural teeth.

As dentistry advances over the years, many treatments are now available in different clinics. With dental bridges, you are given a permanent replacement to your missing teeth without the use of the traditional dentures. Call your local dentist for an appointment to see if you’re a good candidate for this treatment.

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