3 Major Lumineers Teeth Side Effects You Should Know

In the modern era, everything is evolving, where better becomes best. In the field of cosmetic dentistry, every dentist aims to give their patients the most dashing smile. They started to apply veneers to fix broken smiles. However, they’re working hard to deliver even better results. Introducing, Lumineers, or the no-prep veneers. Dental Lumineers are a brand of dental veneers that correct the shade, shape, and size of your teeth. Although having this treatment has several advantages, it’s also important to know the Lumineers teeth side effects.

These Lumineers are thin, tooth-coloured and customized coverings that your dentist bonds to the surface of your teeth. They are widely used in dental cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile and fix minor teeth gaps and discolouration.

How is the cosmetic procedure done?

Many patients prefer having Lumineers, as this procedure only removes minimal enamel on the natural teeth. The shells used in dental Lumineers are only 0.2 mm as compared to regular veneers at 0.5 mm in thickness. It makes the process of placing cosmetic teeth veneers even faster that it gets done in one visit.

The Lumineers application is similar to the dental veneer procedure in cosmetic dentistry in London, Ontario. Your dentist attaches the thin shells to the surface of your teeth using a special bonding agent.

However, just like any other medical or dental procedures, there are possibilities of Lumineers teeth side effects. Here are the following side effects that you need to take note of prior to deciding if this treatment is for you.

chipped lumineers

Lumineers teeth side effects

  1. Chipped Lumineers

The dental Lumineers could be chipped due to an overhanging edge. This will be rough and will affect your chewing activity. This can also trap the dental floss which can cause irritation to the gums. Also, it makes your mundane oral hygiene routine to be a headache.

Cosmetic teeth veneers that chip are beyond repair. Also, removing too little of the outer surface of your teeth will cause the Lumineers to look too bulky and thick. The key is to choose an expert who accurately places the Lumineers that the edges are aligned in your chewing margin.

  1. Teeth sensitivity

Although these no-prep veneers are quite thin, the removal of the teeth enamel may lead to sensitivity. This is one of the Lumineers teeth side effects that causes discomfort when you drink hot or cold beverages.

In some cases, if the damage on your teeth makes you ineligible for Lumineers, your dentist will recommend that you get the regular veneers. He will need to shape your teeth perfectly before placing the shells. However, if he removes a substantial amount of enamel during the procedure, then veneers might not suffice. As a result, dental crowns will be necessary to ensure that your teeth are covered and protected.

  1. Irregularities on the shade of your Lumineers

There are cases when the final shade of the Lumineers doesn’t perfectly match with the patient’s natural teeth. This gives him an artificial-looking smile.

There are three factors that will determine the final colour of your cosmetic teeth veneers. These include the shade of the Lumineers, the colours of the teeth that need coverings, and the bonding substance to be used. Your cosmetic dentist needs to carefully evaluate and consider these factors in crafting your Lumineers for best results.

Cosmetically, it’s true that Lumineers are the most sought-after solution for that Hollywood smile. However, you have to choose the best cosmetic dentist who’s an expert on Lumineers application. This will save you from going through all sorts of discomfort caused by these side effects.

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