How to Keep Dental Veneers Looking Their Best

A great solution for improving the appearance of cracked, discoloured, broken, and chipped teeth is porcelain veneers. London, Ontario, patients choose veneers for their natural look and long lifespan. However, to keep veneers looking their best, you do need to take care of them.

Avoiding Brown Lines

Some people notice a brown line that wasn’t there before appearing where the veneer meets the tooth. This is due to your gums receding, which leads to stains on the glue line of the veneer. It has greater consequences than just aesthetics — continuous recession can lead to the root of your tooth become exposed. Talk to your London dentist about what action you can take to halt gum recession.

Whitening Veneers

As veneers are made from porcelain, whitening treatment fails to work on them. Luckily, the material is stain-resistant, meaning that your natural teeth are more likely to stain than veneers. If the tooth with the veneer suffered an impact, the dentin in the inside of the tooth may become yellow. Ask your dental hygienist to apply whitening product to the back of your tooth to lighten it.

Replacing a Veneer

Old veneers were made from materials other than porcelain, and they may stain. If your veneer is more than 20 years old and becoming discoloured, now may be a good time for a replacement. You will also need to replace your veneer if it becomes damaged. Avoid damage by only using the tooth to bite food.

Before switching to a new veneer, receive a professional whitening service at your dental clinic. Once you have achieved the shade you want for your teeth, your dentist can make the veneer in the same colour. Your new porcelain veneer will remain this colour permanently and you can whiten your natural teeth every few years to keep them the same shade.

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