Restore Your Confident Smile With Dental Implants

Many patients suffer from tooth loss due to decay, damage or injuries. Oftentimes, dentures are the go-to solution that most patients think about when they want a replacement for their missing tooth. Although it is a quick fix to replace a missing tooth, dentures are removable and non-permanent. It’s good to know that dental implants are now making waves in restorative dentistry as permanent teeth replacements.

Modern dentistry offers an array of options to restore your smile, based on each patient’s needs. Now, you can choose to have dental veneers, implants, crowns or bridges. When you have a compromised tooth due to decay and infection, root canal therapy is here to save the day.  However, if the damage is severe and the tooth is beyond saving, then an extraction would be the last option. This leaves a gap between your teeth that will cause your them to shift. In order to prevent that, your dentist would recommend an implant surgery. Read on to know more about the different kinds of implants and what you can benefit from it.

Types of dental implants

  • An endosteal implant gets attached in the jawbone of the patient. A few types of this include screws and cylinders which are surgically fixed. It is often done as an alternative for patients with removable dentures or bridges.
  • Another type of implant is subperiosteal which gets placed on top of the jawbone. As a result, the metal framework protrudes through the gums and this helps hold the crown of the implant. This type is used for patients who are unable to wear traditional dentures.

Materials used for dental implants

Titanium dental implants are commonly used to treat patients who need a permanent replacement on their missing tooth. Titanium easily fuses with the patient’s bones and tissues, that’s why many dentists use this material. Also, it’s known for its durability and strength, that affects the longevity of your implants.

Zirconia dental implants are one of the preferred alternatives for patients who have allergic reactions to metal. This ceramic screw will provide the same permanent tooth replacement without the risk of complications.

A careful dental examination is necessary before you come into an agreement with your dentist on the material to be used. Both zirconia and titanium dental implants provide durability, making both options desirable. The safety of the patient is a priority before he is cleared to undergo a dental implant surgery. In effect, he will reap all the benefits that come along with this treatment.

Titanium dental implants

Benefits of having dental implants

  1. An implant is a permanent solution to your tooth loss. It integrates with your bone structure, making it a sturdy replacement as opposed to removable dentures.
  2. Having implants will improve the appearance of your smile as it preserves the alignment of your teeth. There will be no teeth movement and gaps.
  3. Dental implants are securely placed on your jawbone. Hence, there’s no more ill-fitting issues or any speech problems such as slurring. Patients who wear dentures have a tendency to slip which can greatly affect how they enunciate the words.
  4. You can eat comfortably once you’ve fully recovered from the implant surgery. There’s nothing that can stop you to joyfully eat your favourite food. There’s no need to worry that something might slip out from your mouth while you’re chewing.
  5. It boosts your self-confidence and lets you forget that you’re wearing a dental appliance. The dental crown that covers the implant mimics the natural look of your missing tooth. As a result, you’re no longer conscious on how you smile and carry a conversation with others.

The impact of losing a tooth can be very devastating. Not only does it affect your physical attributes, yet it also affect your psychological makeup. This is the very reason why restorative solutions like titanium dental implants are recommended by dentists. They want  to restore the teeth functions while bringing back their patients’ confidence. Don’t let a tooth loss change your way of life. Go to the nearest dental office and ask how you can be a good candidate for this procedure.

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