Family Dentistry: Give Your Family The Best Dental Care They Deserve

Your family deserves only the best care, that’s why there’s family dentistry to give them optimal dental health. This dental practice caters to deliver services for different patients in all age groups. Family dentists perform a range of procedures; from a simple oral prophylaxis to dental  fillings and sealants. Also, they handle complex procedures that most adults would need such as a dental restoration and laser teeth whitening.

Why family dentistry is essential?

When your family is growing, you have to understand that family dental care is what you need now.  Every member has unique dental needs, and you don’t have to visit one clinic after another just to have these needs met. On one hand, the family dental care in London, Ontario is comprehensive, ready to give your family the best oral care. This way, every family can save their time, money, and effort in looking for different dental practitioners in order to achieve great oral health.

Different services offered in family dental care clinics

Custom fit mouth guards

Your active child needs your tender loving care and support. However, you can’t always keep an eye on him or catch him when he trips, most especially when he’s playing sports. Hence, you can request for a custom fit mouth guard for him from your family dentist. This gives him that added mouth protection from any form of dental injuries. This is not similar to the over-the-counter mouthpieces since this is specially designed to snugly fit into his mouth. Letting him wear this custom fit mouthpiece should not make him feel awkward. In fact, there are cool mouthguard designs that he can choose from that will can entice him even more to wear them. Who says family dentistry isn’t cool? Now, let him enjoy his games while you keep on cheering him on to be the best that he can be.

Digital X-rays

The conventional way of taking a dental X-ray was harmful to the patient since they were exposed to more radiation. Now, dental clinics incorporate modern technology in capturing digital X-rays with reduced radiation. Not only that it’s more safe to the patients, especially to children, yet there’s also an easy transfer of digital files. Patients don’t need to wait in line and claim the X-ray film from the laboratory. It saves both the dentist’s and patient’s time. Furthermore, dentists are able to give timely diagnoses which are very critical to every treatment plan he designs. A dentist’s speedy diagnosis means a speedy treatment and recovery for the patient. Every family dental care facility uses digital X-rays for an added safety both to dental practitioners and patients alike.

Partial and complete dentures

partial dentures

Dentures are one of your options to resolve your missing teeth issues. A tooth lost may be replaced with partial dentures, while there’s also complete or full dentures if you lost many. Certain clinics who specialize in family dentistry offer repair and relining of existing dentures on a same day appointment.

Root canal treatment

You noticed that one of your family members complained about tooth sensitivity while everyone was enjoying their ice cream. A sensitive tooth is one of the strong indicators that he may need a dental checkup to see if a root canal treatment may be necessary. After all, family dental care does not only focus on performing oral prophylaxis. An endodontic treatment is also performed to ensure that every member’s natural tooth is preserved.

Tooth repair

A dental emergency may suddenly occur during one of your family trips. One may have accidentally fall hard on his face, causing some of his teeth to crack or chip off. Your family dentist is ready to help you resolve this emergency dental case. Always have his phone number ready so that immediate help can be given. Leave no room for panic, and do you best to see your dentist as soon as you can. He knows your family’s dental history, and he knows what needs to be done, so chill.

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