4 Main Benefits After Going Through A Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a restorative solution also known as endodontic treatment. Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in treating damaged and infected teeth from getting removed. Thus, saving your teeth from being extracted. Your dentist commonly uses this to treat the infected pulp inside the roots of your teeth. It is an essential way to preserve your natural teeth and give you that beautiful and organic smile.

What is a root canal treatment?

Your dentist performs a root canal procedure to save the function and structure of your natural teeth. This treatment is necessary if the pulp, which consists of the nerves and blood vessels, has become infected and damaged. The dentist has to remove the diseased roots, clean and disinfect them. Once it’s done, he fills and seals the damaged roots with a gutta-percha material to prevent any recurrence of infection. He completes the treatment of your restored tooth as he covers with a dental crown. An endodontist performs root canal therapy in London, Ontario.

Benefits of root canal therapy

Having to go through a root canal therapy is commonly perceived as a painful procedure. However, this is so far from the truth. Now, dentists incorporate sedation and laser technology for a painless procedure. It’s better than having your precious teeth removed due to decay, damage and infections. Moreover, you get to enjoy these benefits after going through an endodontic treatment.

  • You will be relieved from pain.

The relief that the root canal procedure brings is better than enduring the pain caused by decay or infection. If you have infected tooth roots, this is more likely to cause you a throbbing pain. You don’t want to lose your tooth just because of this persistent pain. Hence, you need to undergo this treatment and be relieved from pain and discomfort.

root canal procedure

  • You halt and reverse the tooth infection.

Although infections may be present prior to the treatment, that does not mean that it will just stay there. The interior of your teeth can be a sheltered place for bacteria to grow and foster. Due to this, the infection can spread from your tooth to other areas such as your gums. The bacteria and plaque build up can even spread into your sinuses, brain, lungs and your heart. It can result in even more serious consequences. This is the sole reason why saving your tooth through a root canal therapy is necessary.

  • Your diseased tooth is preserved.

As mentioned, the purpose of this treatment is to save your tooth from removal. This also salvages you from the consequences of an oral infection. Other dental procedures such as tooth extraction usually leave a gap in your gums. In effect, you will need an artificial tooth to replace it. A dental restoration, no matter how durable and stable, is still no match to your organic tooth. Hence, you better go through the therapy and preserve your natural tooth.

  • The movement of your teeth is prevented.

Another benefit of going through this procedure is that it prevents your other teeth to shift. Choosing to have a tooth extraction rather than a root canal procedure causes your remaining teeth move due to the gap created. This only leads to other dental problems such as malocclusion and teeth gaps. In this case, it’s not difficult for you to make a wiser choice.

Don’t allow yourself to be continuously bothered by any type of dental pain. See your dentist immediately and have him check your oral health. He will help you find the right dental treatment, including an endodontic therapy if highly needed. More importantly, follow his aftercare instructions so you can preserve your compromised tooth for life.

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