Setting Expectations For Your Invisalign Braces Journey

Invisalign braces treatment duration is somewhat similar to the traditional orthodontic procedure. It may take 12 months to complete the process, however, it all depends on your dental case. If you have a more serious misalignment issue, your dentist may require you to have teeth aligners for more than 14 months. 

Anyway, the real question is what should you expect during those progression periods? When can you see notable signs of Invisalign results

Ask for Invisalign braces preview 

One advantage of clear aligners over conventional braces is the use of digital technology to create its treatment plan. After your dentist takes a scan of your teeth structure, he uploads the data to a software program. That program automatically analyzes the predetermined progress of your treatment. Most importantly, it would be able to present an outcome to which you can ask for Invisalign braces preview.

With this treatment plan, you could expect how things would turn for a few days, weeks, and months. You could highlight the periods where changes or improvements are anticipated and compare them once you reach the predicted date. There’s also a high satisfaction rate if you achieve the exact Invisalign results from the treatment preview. 

The first few weeks  

The first few weeks can be challenging. Most patients believe that since it’s the first time their teeth are undergoing shifting, they could feel the movement with slight discomfort. However, it’s less likely that you will notice the teeth position change by that time. The gradual treatment only moves the teeth by millimeters. Expect that this stage needs a lot of adjustment, especially with eating and cleaning your teeth and Invisalign braces trays. 

The fifth month

It’s possible to feel impatient on the fifth month of your clear aligner treatment. But, don’t give up just yet! It’s the month where most patients finally see an improvement. On the other hand, do not panic right away if you don’t see Invisalign results. Also if you are one of those patients with complex teeth malformation, it’s reasonable. Your teeth might need more time to rearrange with the aligners. 

The key here is to trust your dentist and to always refer to your 3D treatment preview. It will always give you that motivation to continue with the journey. If you’re having doubts and is starting to lose patience, just remember why you had to do it in the first place. Your Invisalign treatment in London Ontario can be a fun experience if you stay committed to your smile goals!

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