10 Post Care Tips For A Successful Root Canal Therapy

Have you experienced tooth sensitivity or sudden dental pain that eventually subsides? It means you need to see an endodontist and undergo root canal therapy in order to save your tooth from extraction. The pain and sensitivity are caused by an infected tooth pulp. A root canal treatment in London, Ontario is necessary to clean and remove the infection. In effect, the tooth is preserved, strengthened and further damage is prevented. 

Procedure for root canal therapy

The endodontist takes a digital X-ray of the tooth to check the infected roots before he starts his dental work. Once the contaminated roots are identified, he numbs the tooth to access its pulp and remove the roots. He cleans, disinfects the roots, reshapes, places them back to the pulp and seals the opening. Also, the endodontist covers the hole left in the tooth with a tooth-colored dental filling material. Lastly, he takes the tooth’s impression for the permanent crown to fully cover and restore the tooth. This ensures that the tooth is safe and root canal complications are avoided. 

10 Best post care tips following root canal therapy

  1. Avoid eating after the dental work until the local anesthesia completely wears off. This prevents you from accidentally hurting your tongue or lips due to numbness. 
  2. Have a soft diet for a week after your root canal therapy
  3. Avoid eating crunchy or sticky food especially on your treated tooth. It needs to rest from chewing until the placement of a dental crown. 
  4. Brush gently on the affected tooth to avoid eroding the temporary filling material. It needs to be covered to prevent bacteria from re-entering the canals which might cause root canal complications
  5. If you’re unable to floss properly, see your dentist again so he can reshape the tooth filling material. 
  6. Follow your dentist’s orders and take the prescribed pain reliever medication only when necessary. 
  7. Visit your dentist after a week so he can check the progress of your root canal therapy. He may need to take another digital X-ray of the tooth to make sure all roots are cleaned and nothing was missed. 
  8. Have a dental crown placed on top of the tooth to fully restore its function, structure, and aesthetics. 
  9. Maintain a high level of oral care to protect your tooth from being contaminated by bacteria and cause root canal complications
  10. Schedule biannual dental visits and work together with your dentist in maintaining your restoration and natural teeth for life. 


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