Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a procedure used to resolve infections and severe inflammation within the central parts of a tooth. During the treatment, dead or dying dental tissue is removed from the tooth along with any harmful bacteria. The inside of the tooth is then thoroughly cleaned before sealing the root canals, which prevents spread […]

Why Do You Need Root Planing?

One of the most common treatments for gum disease is root planing. London, Ontario, patients receive root planing when gum disease is in its earliest stages to stop the condition developing further. What exactly is root planing and how does it help? Why Is Root Planing Necessary? A regular cleaning removes most of the plaque […]

Can You Reverse Tooth Decay?

One of the main reasons you visit your Hyde Park dental clinic for checkups is to have your dentist to check your teeth for decay. In most cases, any signs of decay call for a filling. However, in some cases, decay is mild enough to reverse through remineralization. When Can Cavities Remineralize? Cavities can sometimes […]

That Toothache is Probably an Infected Root Canal

Nobody likes getting a root canal; it is one of the most unpleasant dental procedures you can go through. However, in some cases, they are necessary, and they will take care of that toothache that has been bothering you. The pain you are experiencing is infected pulp in the root canal of the tooth. The […]




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