That Toothache is Probably an Infected Root Canal

Nobody likes getting a root canal; it is one of the most unpleasant dental procedures you can go through. However, in some cases, they are necessary, and they will take care of that toothache that has been bothering you.

The pain you are experiencing is infected pulp in the root canal of the tooth. The pulp is made up of blood vessels, nerves, and other tissue that connect to the tooth. Root canal infections can be caused by damage to the tooth, tooth decay, a cracked or broken filling, and a cavity.

Sometimes trauma to the teeth just happens by accident, such as when you bite into something hard like a piece of candy that cracks a tooth. But good dental hygiene is essential and by far the best way to prevent a root canal infection as well other dental problems.

Root Canal London Ontario

At Creative Dentistry in London, Ontario, our highly knowledgeable and trained staff will ensure that your root canal procedure goes smoothly from start to finish. We will clearly explain the procedure in detail to you so that you fully understand what will happen, what to expect, and what you should do afterwards.

If you are looking for a new London dentist, Creative Dentistry is the perfect place to not only get your root canal done, but also address any other dental care needs. The knowledgeable, friendly, and caring staff and dental hygienist team at Creative Dentistry is highly trained, and cares very much about the dental health of our patients.

Creative Dentistry provides a warm and welcoming environment to make our patients feel at ease. We are confident you will leave satisfied and with a great smile.

Checkout Root Canal London Ontario.


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