How To Prevent Lumineers Teeth Side Effects

Anyone wants to achieve whiter teeth and so they try different teeth whitening options to make it happen. One of the most popular choices now is through the application of Lumineers. Dental Lumineers are ultra-thin dental veneers that dentists use to mask their patients’ imperfect teeth. However, some hold back in availing of this treatment because of the Lumineers teeth side effects.

Today, there are more certified Lumineers dentists who are experts in placing these dental laminates. They aim to resolve several cosmetic teeth issues with the application of dental Lumineers.

  • Align crooked teeth
  • Eliminate gap or spacing between teeth
  • Reinvent smile
  • Reshape teeth
  • Restored cracked or broken teeth
  • Whiten deeply stained teeth

Indeed, cosmetic teeth veneers boost a patient’s confidence after the successful application of these dental laminates. Yet, there are also possible drawbacks that need to be discussed to ensure that patients know the other side of the coin.

Possible Lumineers teeth side effects and how to prevent them

Bulky teeth

One of the Lumineers teeth side effects is having bulky or over-contoured teeth. Lumineers are known for their thinness, and so the patient’s teeth need not be trimmed down when the laminates are applied. Even a slight addition to the teeth’s surface could affect the patient’s speech and bite. Having fuller teeth after the application of cosmetic teeth veneers affects the way the patient’s lips rest over his teeth. In extreme cases, a patient may find it difficult to close his lips.

To prevent this outcome, the cosmetic dentist carefully evaluates whether the patient’s teeth need some minimal preparation. He considers the patient’s best interest, as long as the outcome is desirable and commensurates with the patient’s smile goals.

Gingival inflammation

Once the dental laminates are placed over the patient’s teeth’s surface, his teeth become thicker. In effect, the edges of the teeth become thicker too, which may lead to gum inflammation.

Certified Lumineers dentists ensure that they trim the edges of the teeth to prevent inflammation. Although after the procedure, slight discomfort is felt by the patient while the gums adjust to the added layer. However, this should be addressed by medication as well.

There are possible Lumineers teeth side effects, however, cosmetic dentists address these drawbacks to ensure patients get their money’s worth. Cosmetic dentistry in London, Ontario offers various options that are tailored-fit to each patient’s case. Yet, the end result is the same, and that’s having a renewed smile.

See your dentist today and check if cosmetic teeth veneers are perfect for you. Don’t settle for less and have a Hollywood smile.

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