The Different Types Of A Dental Crown

Patients who need a dental restoration to fix a compromised tooth or improve its appearance may choose a dental crown. It’s also known as a tooth cap and it restores the appearance, structure, and strength of a diseased tooth. With this method, the crown is placed over and cemented on the tooth to fully cover its visible part that’s above the patient’s gum line. 

Dentists address several dental problems through the use of dental caps. Here are the different purposes of a dental crown procedure

  1. Cover a tooth implant. 
  2. Hide a discolored or ill-shaped tooth. 
  3. Keep a tooth bridge in place.
  4. Restore a chipped or worn down tooth. 
  5. Strengthen a decayed tooth and protect it from breaking.  
  6. Support a tooth with a large dental filling

What are the different types of a dental crown?

  • Ceramic or porcelain. 

Dentists who fix cosmetic issues with a dental crown use either ceramic or porcelain for better aesthetic results. Since these materials blend well with the natural teeth’s color, it’s a good smile enhancement option. Also, this is recommended to patients who have an allergic reaction to metal components. Furthermore, ceramic or porcelain crowns may be used for front or back teeth restorations. 

  • Metal crowns. 

Some patients who are not allergic to any type of metal may have crowns made of alloy, gold or platinum. Especially if the replacement is needed in the molars, this material can withstand constant chewing forces and they are less likely to wear down or break easily. Hence, they have extended longevity of up to 15 years

  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal. 

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are used if the purpose of the dental crown procedure is to restore front or rear teeth. Dentists merge porcelain and metal for a natural restoration with an added durability. However, one drawback of this type of crown is that metal may appear dark above the gum line. Still, some patients would go for this option because of the durability it offers.

  • Resin tooth crown. 

A resin dental crown may be used to repair minor chip or fracture in the front tooth. It’s made of composite material and is the least expensive dental restoration. Since this type of restoration is prone to chip, it’s not recommended to restore molars or premolars. 

  • Stainless steel crown. 

Stainless steel crowns are often used as temporary crowns while patients wait for the permanent caps. These stainless crowns protect the teeth or fillings while the permanent crowns are fabricated.

Meanwhile, pediatric dentists also perform a dental crown procedure among children to protect their primary teeth from decay. When the primary teeth come off to make room for the permanent ones, the stainless crowns also come off naturally. 

Go for a dental crown in London, Ontario and restore your damaged tooth so you won’t have to compromise your smile. 

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