Custom Mouth Guard: What Do You Need To Know?

Custom mouth guard fits your teeth and mouth very comfortably as your dentist designs and creates them according to your structure. Your dentist carefully takes an impression of how your teeth are and begin creating molds for the mouth guard. They know that these custom-made mouth guards protect your teeth from injuries. Only the best dentist in London Ontario creates the best mouth guard for their patients.

Who uses a custom mouth guard?

When you continuously grind your teeth even when you sleep, that harms your teeth. Dentists call it teeth grinding or bruxism which means a parafunctional activity that you do when you get anxious or stressed. Most of the time, patients are unaware of the consequences that bruxism gives like severe headache, painful jaw, or damaged teeth.

Your dentist recommends using a custom mouth guard that fits you comfortably. It helps you curb that grinding habit especially when you use it during your sleep.

What benefits do you get?

When you consult your dentist for a custom-fit mouth guard, he advises you about the benefits that you get when you use it. These are the benefits you get when you start using it.

  • You stop grinding your teeth and prevent further damage such as thinning down of the enamel or chips or cracks.
  • Using a mouth guard specially made by the best dentist in London Ontario provides the best protection from injuries. These injuries come from physical and recreational activities like skateboarding, playing sports, or joining a gymnastics club.
  • When you go through a sleep disorder, using a customized mouth guard helps curb snoring and sleep apnea. It gives way for air to pass through your throat.

What materials are used?

Your dentist uses a unique material in creating custom mouth guard fit for you. They obtain an FDA-approved materials such as ethyl vinyl acetate to make it hypoallergenic. This lessens allergic reactions among patients.

For acrylic mouth guards, dentists use a semi-acrylic with a dual laminate. Its external part consists of hard acrylic shell with a softer material found inside. This type best suits for people with bruxism as its thickness comes in one size only.

How do you take care of your custom mouth guard?

The best dentist in London Ontario shares the best practices that you can do to properly clean and maintain your mouth guards. Following these steps will surely allow you to keep your dental health at its best.

  • Always remember to brush and floss your teeth after using the mouth guards.
  • Refrain from chewing while using your mouth guard. It distorts its shape and affects your teeth.
  • Do not put your mouth guard with your sweaty clothes. Bacteria from your clothes can travel to your mouth guard and lodge in between the gums. Hence, causing dental diseases or infections along the way.
  • Remember to wash your mouth guards with cool water.
  • Store your mouth guards in a cool, dry place away from direct heat or sunlight.

Your mouth guards can last for a number of years as long as you follow these tips. Taking care of your mouth guards means taking care of your teeth and yourself.

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