How To Find Cool Mouthguard Designs That You Need?

Cool mouthguard designs create a different and unique comfort to patients. This helps them protect their teeth during physical activities such as sports or even team building activities. When you search for the right mouthguard, you look for the best in terms of functionality and design. But, some of wonder why they need mouthguards for braces.

Types of mouthguards

Mouthguards protect you from dental trauma that affects teeth, gums, and other tissues around caused by engaging in contact sports or other physical activities. Dentists share about the three (3) types of mouthguards that you choose from.

Ready to wear

You find this type of mouthguards in athletic stores and department stores which makes it accessible to anyone. Since this is a ready to wear type of mouthguard, you find it hard to adjust its fit. Some find it very bulky which gives them quite a challenge to breathe or talk. It gives a little to no protection. Most dentists refrain from recommending this type to their patients.

This types comes in cool mouthguard designs that provide aesthetic protection to those who uses it.

Boil and bite

Similar to the ready to wear mouthguards, boil and bite mouthguards are present in most athletic stores. This type gives you a better fit. In order to use it, you need to soak it first in hot water and let it soften for a few minutes. Afterwards, you now place it in your mouth and press on your teeth using your fingers and tongue. This is why some also look for mouthguards for braces.

Custom fit

When you want a snug fit mouthguard, your dentist creates a custom fit designed and made in their dental clinic. For this to happen, your dentist takes an imprint of your teeth. They use it to create a special mold for the mouthguard using a unique material. This special material requires extra time and work for your dentist to come up with cool mouthguard designs for you to choose from. The best feature about custom fit mouthguards, it gives you the most comfortable experience and utmost protection for your teeth.

Who uses mouthguards?

Children and adults who participate in various physical activities use mouthguards. For those who engage in sports such as football, basketball, gymnastics and lacrosse need to protect their teeth since it still continues to grow and develop. When they sustain a punch or a tackle, mouthguards protect them from lost teeth.

Dentists also recommend the use of mouthguards for children and adults who grind their teeth. Wearing this during night time prevents teeth from damage.

Mouthguards for braces

When you use orthodontic braces and still engage in sports, it’s best to protect your teeth using a mouthguard for braces. A facial injury affects your teeth and jawbone especially if you use orthodontic braces or fixed dental bridge. Your dentist determines which mouthguard best protects your dental health.

Just remember to refrain from using orthodontic retainers or dentures when you play or engage in recreational and leisure activities that may cause damage or injury.

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