What To Know: Scaling And Root Planing Cost For The First Time

Scaling and root planing cost patients to have their plaque and tartar buildup removed by a dentist. The process encompasses a thorough cleaning of the patient’s teeth and gums. Dentists also smoothen out the teeth roots in order to eradicate harmful bacteria.

Why undergo scaling and root planing?

Periodontitis or gum disease emanates from accumulated bacteria called plaque. Dentists say that plaque continuously builds up which results to inflamed gums. Inflammation then causes gums to isolate itself from the teeth and results to formation of pockets. When plaque lodges in these pockets, it allows itself to remain there even with continuous brushing. When left untreated, periodontitis leads to bone and teeth loss. Dentists suggest to undergo scaling and root planing, effectiveness of this procedure benefits the patient’s dental health.

When patients notice their inflamed gums, they must visit their dentists to check for signs of plaque and tartar buildup. Doing this early on prevents further damage of the bone structures below the gum line. Dentists also check the pockets between the gums and teeth, when they find it too deep, scaling and root planing, cost necessitates.

The scaling and root planing procedure

The procedure an initial examination and evaluation of the patient’s gums. Only a dentist or an oral hygienist conducts scaling and root planing. He utilizes a hand scaler to check the depth between the teeth and an ultrasonic cleaner that gives high-frequency vibrations. These vibrations remove the tartar buildup and plaque from the teeth. For patients who have a low pain tolerance, their dentists administer some dental sedatives to calm them and numb their feeling.

Undergoing scaling and root planing, effectiveness is very commended as dentists conduct this when the patient’s’ teeth pockets reach 3mm. This distinguishes it from regular cleaning, as it only cleans until the gum line.

Determining the scaling and root planing cost

Scaling and root planing cost starts from CAD 190 up to CAD 400, for every quadrant. When patients undergo periodontal treatment, costs average at CAD 100 for a single tooth. The price still varies depending on the quantity of the antimicrobial agents placed in the gum sockets. Some dental clinics offer periodontal maintenance which costs at around CAD 150.

Scaling and root planing effectiveness is very high as recommended by dentists to patients. After patients undergo this procedure, their dentists reevaluate them to check if more treatment is needed. For patients enduring early to moderate phases of periodontal disease, maintenance visits and home care are recommended for the following three (3) months to curb the disease.

Preventing gum diseases through scaling and root planing prove to be helpful to patients. Dentists continue helping patients overcome and resolve this disease and obtain healthier and stronger teeth.

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