6 Reasons Why Ceramic Braces Are Better Than Traditional Braces

Dental realignment has always been associated with traditional metal brackets until ceramic braces came into the picture. These clear dental braces aim to correct malpositioned teeth to improve the patient’s bite and appearance. They function like the traditional braces, with ligatures and archwires bound by orthodontic bands. The main difference is the use of ceramic brackets, which aims to create a subtle look. This orthodontic treatment has an average treatment period of 18 months.    

In orthodontic dentistry, there are plenty of options that patients can choose from for dental correction. Having said this, patients should check out the benefits they can get from a specific dental treatment.

Benefits of ceramic braces

Teeth alignment made discreet.

The treatment use clear bracket braces so patients don’t have to be self-conscious when they’re wearing dental braces. The sight of metal brackets wrapping around their teeth seem to be grabbing unwanted attention. Furthermore, it affects how they interact with others, causing them to hide away from the camera. The ceramic dental braces resolve this issue. The ceramic brackets are small and clear, hence, they produce an invisible look.

Clear braces have maximum durability.

One misconception about ceramic braces is that they are not as durable as metal braces. In fact, these braces are durable to push the teeth into the right direction, based on the treatment plan. The method of application and the design of braces are refined to ensure durability.

The colored archwires blend with the teeth’s natural color.

Patients can opt for frost, white, and silver colors for their archwires which are perfect for their clear bracket braces. They can now say goodbye to bulky metal archwires and enjoy a seamless look of their dental appliance.

Meanwhile, for patients who want to have a unique look, they can choose to have colored orthodontic bands. These come in handy to complement their overall look during special occasions or when they’re out and about.

Ceramic braces do not cause tooth enamel demineralization.

The bonding process of each ceramic bracket does not cause tooth demineralization. The advanced technology in orthodontics uses maximum bond strength to keep the brackets in place throughout the treatment. The adhesion only requires minimum alteration in the patient’s tooth enamel. Moreover, once the treatment is completed, the ceramic braces are easy to remove.

clear bracket braces

They are more comfortable than metal braces.

Patients are less likely to experience gum irritation and discomfort because the treatment make use of smaller, rounded, ceramic brackets. On one hand, those who wear traditional braces experience having mouth sores at certain periods throughout the duration of the treatment.

They don’t easily stain.

The clear bracket braces made of ceramic materials are less susceptible to stains. However, patients should continue to follow rigid oral care to prevent staining the ligatures that are made of plastic. The dentist uses ligatures to connect every ceramic bracket to help the teeth move to the right position.

There are several options that you can choose from in order to align your teeth. If you want a subtle and faster treatment period, have ceramic braces in London, Ontario.

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