8 Benefits Of Ceramic Braces That Nobody Tells You About

Are you tired of your crooked teeth? Then braces are the perfect solution for you. Ceramic braces function like the traditional braces. Yet, there’s something about this type of braces that makes it stand out. It even remains to be the top choice for patients when it comes to teeth alignment. But what exactly do these braces have that other tooth alignment procedures lack?

How does it work?

Clear ceramic braces are a popular option for most adult patients who are looking to straighten their teeth. Same with traditional metal braces, the dentist uses the bracket and archwire system to guide the patient’s teeth into their proper position. It applies gentle pressure to align the teeth to their proper form.

Benefits of ceramic braces

Subtle appearance

Ceramic braces comprise of clear or tooth-colored brackets through which metal wires run. The dentist uses these to stabilizes the teeth so they are aligned to a more straightened position. This type of braces has a significantly smaller bracket which makes it almost invisible to the naked eye. This feature offers an alternative way to correct a patient’s teeth alignment without having metal sticking in their teeth.

Tougher than it looks

One of the most common misconceptions about clear ceramic braces is its durability. Some patients believe that they aren’t as sturdy as the traditional ones. However, this can be any further than the truth. Although metal is a more robust raw material, the ceramic material ensures maximum durability comparable to others.

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The archwire blends well with your teeth.

Since this type of braces still uses the same principle as metal braces, patients can choose a colored wire to make it blend with the patient’s teeth. This feature lets you straighten your teeth without any worries of unsightly metal protruding in your mouth. You may choose between several shades to seamlessly fit it with the rest of your teeth.

More comfortable to wear

Ceramic braces are one of the most comfortable dental solutions to realign your teeth. It has small rounded brackets while using a material that causes less discomfort and irritation to a patient’s gums. It aligns a patient’s teeth without having to suffer from any pain.

Easy on the pocket

If you’re looking for a tooth straightening procedure that won’t hurt your budget, then go with clear ceramic braces. It’s a highly effective procedure but the braces cost less than other expensive treatments such as lingual braces.

Faster results than Invisalign

Most patients may prefer Invisalign because of its unique design. However, patients who wear invisible braces may experience much faster results. Patients must only wear their Invisalign trays for at least 22 hours a day. Since they’re completely removable, patients tend to forget to put them back on or even lose it altogether.

It doesn’t demineralize tooth enamel.

These specially designed braces use an ideal bond strength that promises great results without damaging the tooth enamel. It also prevents teeth discoloration as well as demineralization around the bracket for the rest of the treatment. Demineralization is a process where the tooth enamel loses its minerals which makes the tooth prone to decay.

Your pictures won’t look like you’re wearing one.

One of the main reasons why patients no longer wear metal braces is because of its odd appearance, especially on pictures. Using braces guarantees that you’d still get the best pictures even when you have braces on. You can smile easily knowing that your teeth are a picture of good health.

Although wearing ceramic braces in London, Ontario require more maintenance than metal braces, its benefits far outweigh the effort that you put in to manage it. You may want to speak with your dentist to know more about the procedure and see which treatment is best to treat your crooked teeth.

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