Tooth Extraction Aftercare: 5 Things You Must Avoid

Losing a tooth due to extraction is never easy. Your dentist made sure you didn’t feel any pain after he had your tooth removed. Aside from that, he also shared with you tooth extraction aftercare tips so you know what to do and what to avoid.  Why tooth extraction aftercare is important? Any type of […]

Understanding The Types Of A Tooth Extraction Procedure

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that removes a badly decayed, damaged and injured tooth. Typically, this is the last resort for most dentists as saving your teeth is their main priority. Root canal therapy, dental crowns and veneers are some of the treatments that are available to save your tooth from extraction. However, in […]

Tooth Extraction Aftercare: Why Is It Important?

Your permanent teeth are supposed to last a lifetime. However, there are unavoidable cases where removal would be necessary. The most common reason for a tooth extraction is the damage caused by decay. Although your dentist puts a high priority in saving your teeth, severe deterioration will immediately require an extraction. A severely damaged tooth […]




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