Can I wait a while?

Can I wait a while? Dr William Klein I have been practicing Dentistry — treating patients — for 54½ years.  The biggest challenge has been the hesitation of patients to have necessary treatment done. People buy what they want, not necessarily what they need. Advertising’s mission is to convince people to want something a company […]

Why Do Root Canal Treated Teeth Break

Root canal treatment is often the choice whenever a tooth causes serious pain to an individual. The tooth may hurt for one of many different reasons: 1. There is very deep, extensive tooth decay that has affected the nerve. 2. There is a very large, extensive filling in that tooth (that may have been there […]

4 Types of Dental Bridges

If you’re missing teeth, one option may be a dental bridge. London, Ontario, patients can choose between four types of dental bridges to fill the gap left by missing teeth. All four help you eat, speak, and smile as normal. 1. Traditional Bridge The most common type is a traditional bridge. This bridge features pontics […]

Teeth Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

There’s been a lot of debate as to whether or not dark chocolate can be a benefit for one’s teeth. It’s true that candy doesn’t bode well in keeping teeth healthy, but Dental London Ontario dentists believe that dark chocolate is one candy that can actually fight off cavities. Milk chocolate typically has a mixture […]

Creative Dentistry Can Take Care All of Your Dental Needs

If you are searching for a new London Ontario Dentist, look no further than Creative Dentistry. We offer a warm, welcoming environment to all of our patients who receive exceptional care from our highly skilled hygienists. We understand that dental care can be daunting, especially if you have a serious issue. To make you feel […]




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