Teeth Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

There’s been a lot of debate as to whether or not dark chocolate can be a benefit for one’s teeth. It’s true that candy doesn’t bode well in keeping teeth healthy, but Dental London Ontario dentists believe that dark chocolate is one candy that can actually fight off cavities.

Milk chocolate typically has a mixture of milk and sugar, which contribute to tooth decay. On the other hand, dark chocolate has ingredients that can be beneficial to one’s teeth. One main ingredient makes up the bulk of dark chocolate is cocoa.

Natural Chemicals

Dark chocolate is considered as “real” chocolate since it contains polyphenols — natural chemicals that restrict growth of oral bacteria. They’re also capable of neutralizing microorganisms that trigger bad breath and prevents the conversion of some bacteria to acid, which tends to damage one’s teeth.

Dark chocolate also consists of a flavonoid compound known as epicatechin. Flavonoids are antioxidants seen in plants that are capable of delaying tooth decay.

Tannins are plant-based compounds that give off the dark color and bitter taste of dark chocolate. Their purpose is to curb bacteria from adhering to the teeth. Their molecules have a tendency to attach to bacteria before giving plaque a chance to form.

Antioxidants ensure that the body remains healthy on a cellular level. As a matter of fact, dark chocolate has several times more of these molecules compared to green tea. High antioxidant levels seen in saliva have been proven to fight off periodontal disease.

A Worthy Treat

If one intends to consume treats, make it dark chocolate. Just like any other treat, intake should be kept in moderation. Limit dark chocolate consumption to around one ounce or 150 calories daily. Obviously, it’s important to never forget to brush one’s teeth twice daily and regularly visiting the London Dentist.

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