Why Mouthwash Is A Waste of Money

In a competitive commercial war to gain money, advertisers are constantly bombarding people with messages claiming how their mouthwash can make teeth and gums cleaner and healthier. While these are true to a certain extent, such advertisements are only aimed at getting people to purchase products with minimal or no benefits at all.

Dentists from London Ontario Dental Clinic open Saturday have frequently questioned the integrity of mouthwashes in minimizing plaque buildup and eradicating bad breath.

Can’t Remove Bad Breath

Bad breath is triggered by bacteria on the surface of the tooth which is responsible for breaking down food articles after a person is done eating. One byproduct of this breakdown is the odor of sulfur particles. A majority of mouthwashes aren’t capable of eliminating this odor. Instead, they only temporarily mask it. In hindsight, it’s a waste of money spending on a mouthwash that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

Can’t Reduce Plaque

Mouthwashes are advertised to minimize plaque buildup. Plaque is a combination of bacteria, mucus, tiny particles, and proteins that accumulate to form a clump.  If not properly removed through brushing and flossing, the bacteria within the plaque will multiply rapidly and produce toxins that destroy gum tissue.

This form of gingivitis can progress to periodontal disease if not treated right away. In addition, one will have to deal with the pain that comes with the disease as well as the costly dental procedure.

Sadly, there’s very little proof that today’s mouthwashes are capable of killing harmful bacteria.


Saliva quickly dissolves both food and sulfur particles and washes off food particles. Instead of settling for a mouthwash, try drinking a glass of water or eating. Both are capable of triggering the production of saliva.

For a healthy mouth, all it takes is good oral hygiene through brushing and flossing, and regular Creative Dentistry checkups with the dentist.

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