How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Dental implants are reliable and are great options for tooth restoration because these are surgically placed onto the jawbone. The dental implants restore the function and appearance of the damaged teeth. The implants look like natural teeth and so the dental office in London Ontario offers this for cosmetic enhancements. Although dental implants cost higher than other treatment options, these last for years with proper care.

Dental Consultation

You can seek for professional dental consultation to know the dental implants cost in London Ontario. The costs may vary depending on the material used to make the prosthetic tooth that covers the dental implant. Other factors include the number of teeth that need replacement, implant posts needed for restoration, and the complexity of the procedure. that is why treatment costs may be higher or lower than the average pricing.

Dental Evaluation

The dentist performs a thorough examination of the patient’s teeth and gums. A strong teeth and healthy gums are required for the patient to be eligible for a dental implant. The dentist also evaluates the patient’s bone density and quantity. This is to ensures there’s enough bone within the jaw that can support implant posts. The patient can visit the dental clinic in London Ontario  to discuss details before undergoing dental implants.


There are certain patients where bone grafting or other dental procedures may be needed before they undergo dental implants. For some, wisdom tooth may be extracted  prior to the dental implant to ensure there is enough space. These prerequisite treatments also add to the overall dental implants cost.

On one hand, the patient also needs to inform the dentist of his medical condition and any type of medication he may be taking. This is to ensure that the dental implant procedure will not cause any complications. The dental clinic in London Ontario follows this guideline to ensure the safety of its patients. 

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