Common Chipped Front Tooth Repair Options

You should always give extra care to your teeth to keep them healthy. However, unforeseen accidents could suddenly happen that’s beyond your control. A bad fall or taking a bite on a hard food may result in chipped front teeth. It’s a bit of a shame, so you turn to your  dentist who is ready to do chipped front tooth repair for you.

A chipped front tooth is painless but if the inner layer nerves are exposed, it leads to increased sensitivity. For instance, taking hot or cold drinks may result in extreme discomfort. For this reason, a chipped tooth should not be left unattended. To prevent the worse, schedule for an appointment with your dentist promptly.

Causes of chipped front tooth

Biting into hard food is just one of the common causes of a chipped tooth. Aside from that, the best dentist in London Ontario agrees that these also contribute to the damage on your front tooth.

  • Bruxism

Bruxism or teeth grinding and clenching causes chipped teeth as it loosens and fractures the teeth. However, it is an unconscious habit and treatment may involve a dental appliance or botox to prevent further damage to your oral cavity.

  • Trauma in the face or mouth area

Injury or trauma in these areas usually results in chipped teeth. Being hit by a ball in the face due to sports-related activities could be detrimental to your teeth. Be sure to reserve an appointment with your dentist immediately to schedule a chipped front tooth repair procedure. Moreover, ask about getting mouth guards.

  • Poor hygiene

Taking oral care and dental hygiene for granted also results in a chipped front tooth. The tooth enamel becomes damaged or too thin and eventually, this results to breakage. Needless to say, make it a habit to brush and floss your teeth daily and to never miss your bi-annual dental visits.

  • Tooth cavities

Tooth cavities that begin to form around the teeth weaken the structure and results in a chipped front tooth. Practicing good oral hygiene is important to avoid having tooth cavities.

Different chipped front tooth repair options

1.Dental Bonding or dental filling

A dental bonding is a perfect solution for a chipped front tooth and affecting a small part of it. In order to fix this damage, your best dentist in London Ontario uses a tooth colored composite resin.  

2.Dental Crown or Cap

Your dentist uses a dental crown or cap to fix a large chipped tooth. Usually, it takes two visits before the permanent crown is fully placed. Permanent crowns are generally made of metal, ceramic or resin which are durable and looks like the natural teeth.

3.Dental Veneers

These are thin shells of composite resin or tooth-colored porcelain material which are used to replace chipped teeth. Your dentist makes an impression of your tooth and sends it to a dental laboratory. This chipped front tooth repair option takes at least a week to complete before it’s ready to be placed so that your front tooth will become whole again.

4.Root Canal Therapy

This treatment is recommended if the chipped tooth is large and the pulp containing nerves and blood vessels is exposed. Your dentist removes the dead pulp, cleans the root canal and then seals it. The remaining front tooth is covered with a crown to avoid further damage.

Having a winsome smile and perfect teeth boost confidence and self-esteem. Your chipped front tooth is not just visually appealing, but also a source of discomfort due to an exposed pulp. The best dentist in London Ontario is always available to fix your damaged tooth immediately and retain your perfect smile.

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