Advantages and Disadvantages Of Cavity Dental Filling

Knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of cavity dental filling helps patients choose which filling best fit their needs. A cavity stems from a patient’s neglectful habits that originates from poor oral hygiene. Oral cavity begins with damaging the hard surface of the patient’s tooth. The damage slowly perforates the tooth; thus, creating a hole. Dentists in Hyde Park recommend using dental fillings to prevent cavities in their patients’ mouths.

What is a cavity filling?

Cavity fillings fill and fix the hole made by cavities using various materials such as metal, plastic-type, and ceramics. Dentists use cavity dental filling to relieve the patient’s discomfort and to repair the appearance of the teeth. Some dentists place dental veneers on the patient’s teeth after filling in the cavities to further improve its appearance.

Advantages of cavity dental filling

Cavity filling presents advantages that benefits patients in many ways. Here are some of the advantages.

Cavity filling prevents tooth decay

Prior to filling the tooth up, dentists in Hyde Park completely clean the patients’ teeth to remove and clean any bacteria left. Soon, they begin filling the tooth up that decrease infection and rebuild the teeth. This protects and strengthens the tooth that prevents tooth decay.

Restores natural look of teeth

Cavity dental filling restores the natural appearance of the teeth. It brings back its appearance before it endured cracks and chips.

Resistant to some staining substances

A specific type of dental filling, gold-based filling, resists bacterial infections, digested tiny bits of food, and saliva. These prevent these substances to pass through the tooth.

Disadvantages of cavity dental filling

A few dentists in Hyde Park share some disadvantages the patients experience by using dental fillings. Some of those include the following.

Increases teeth sensitivity

A number of patients share that they experience increased sensitivity to the teeth when they chose dental filling. Some dentists share that the metal comprising the filling react differently due to temperature. This causes expansion or shrinkage in the filling.

Removal of healthy teeth

Few types of dental fillings require removal of nearby healthy teeth. This is done in order for the filling to fit in the mouth better. Dentists do this for a better finish and durability.

Learning about the advantages and disadvantages of dental cavity filling guides patients about their options. Patients need not to wait for their tooth to be completely damaged because dentists could restore their tooth function. Prevent tooth extraction with dental cavity fillings.

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