What Do You Need To Know About Fractured Tooth Symptoms?

Fractured tooth is one of the common dental injuries that patients encounter. Most of the time, this occurs when they chew very strongly; hence, the teeth are stressed. It is important to learn and observe fractured tooth symptoms and how to prevent complications.

What is a fractured tooth?

It is a tooth that incurred fractures or cracks due to tenacious force applied when eating, chewing, or when grinding your teeth. Aside from a brute force applied to the teeth, large fillings also cause fracture as well as root canal treatment. This is why you need to check in with a Hyde Park dentist to prevent and raise awareness about fractured teeth.

What are the fractured tooth symptoms?

In most cases, going through a fractured tooth gives a certain level of challenge when it comes to eating food. To enlighten you more, here are the fractured tooth symptoms you need to watch out for.

  • When you eat or bite, you feel significant pain and discomfort.
  • Drinking hot or cold beverages becomes more challenging due to sensitivity.
  • Gums swell near the fractured tooth.
  • Pus may begin to appear if not treated soon.
  • Sharp pains
  • Tiny cracks on the molars or on any of your teeth

How do dentists determine fractured tooth symptoms?

Your preferred Hyde Park dentist checks the affected tooth using an X-ray to determine the location of the fractured tooth.  He will also ask about your dental history.

The next step in dealing with fractured tooth symptoms includes undergoing a visual test with your dentist. He uses a magnifying glass to closely see the fracture. He needs to perform the visual test prior to designing the treatment plan to resolve the dental problem.

No matter what’s your threshold of pain, any discomfort you feel in your teeth and gums should not be taken lightly. Your Hyde Park dentist is ready to check if you have a fractured tooth.

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