What to Do with Chipped Teeth

If one is suffering from chipped teeth, one won’t feel any tooth pain. Pain can only be felt if the chip happens to be big enough to expose the nerves inside the tooth. If the tooth that has been chipped exposes the nerves within the tooth, one may feel a number of things. These include tooth sensitivity, pain when chewing, or when the tooth is exposed to extremely hot or cold beverages.

Available Treatments

Here are some things that one may do when they have Chipped teeth repair in London Ontario:

  • Small chip

If the chip on the tooth appears to be small, the dentist may smooth out and polish the tooth.

  • Medium chip

When the chipped tooth suffers from minor damage to the tooth enamel, the dentist may likely have a cap, crown, or filling on the affected the tooth.

  • Large chip

When the chipped tooth is big enough to leave the tooth nerve exposed, one may resort to a root canal. This will eliminate the damaged nerve and an additional cap or crown in replacing the affected tooth.

Causes of Chipped Teeth

There are a number of reasons why teeth get chipped. These include:

  • Cavities

This will eventually make the teeth weak and lead to chipped teeth.

  • Bad bite

This may likely be the result of frequently biting down on something hard like bone or hard candy.

  • Facial trauma

Trauma to one’s mouth or face happen frequently when they take part in any sports or physical activities.

  • Bad hygiene

Those who don’t look after their oral health may end up with chipped teeth.  The tooth enamel will get worse especially when it has thinned out or are already damaged.

Make a Dental Appointment

If one currently has chipped teeth, it’s advised to see a dentist in a London Ontario Dental clinic right away.

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