Do Root Canals Hurt?

Most often, patients neglect the cavities forming in their teeth and decide to see their dentist when they experience severe tooth pain. In this case, most dentists recommend root canal therapy as treatment so the patients avoid tooth loss. The dentist in London Ontario offers root canal therapy to his patients to treat [...]

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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Dental implants are reliable and are great options for tooth restoration because these are surgically placed onto the jawbone. The dental implants restore the function and appearance of the damaged teeth. The implants look like natural teeth and so the dental office in London Ontario offers this for cosmetic enhancements. Although dental implants [...]

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What to Do with Chipped Teeth

If one is suffering from chipped teeth, one won’t feel any tooth pain. Pain can only be felt if the chip happens to be big enough to expose the nerves inside the tooth. If the tooth that has been chipped exposes the nerves within the tooth, one may feel a number of things. [...]

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Teeth Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

There’s been a lot of debate as to whether or not dark chocolate can be a benefit for one’s teeth. It’s true that candy doesn’t bode well in keeping teeth healthy, but Dental London Ontario dentists believe that dark chocolate is one candy that can actually fight off cavities. Milk chocolate typically has [...]

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