Receiving Bone Grafting in London Ontario


If you want to receive an implant, your dentist may recommend bone grafting. London, Ontario, patients need bone grafting before an implant if their jawbone is too weak to support the implant.

Why Receive an Implant?

When you lose a tooth, whether to an injury or disease like tooth decay or gum disease, an implant is an ideal solution. Unlike bridges or dentures, the implant is inserted into your jawbone. This keeps the bone strong and healthy, maintaining the shape of your face. It also looks and feels just like a natural tooth, helping you to eat and speak correctly.

What Is the Bone Grafting Procedure?

Bone grafting used to involve taking bone from another part of your body. It is now possible to use bone from an animal or an artificial bone-like material, both of which are just as effective. Your dentist will insert the bone into your jaw where it needs strengthening.

Recovering from the Bone Graft

Usually, you will need to wait for your jaw to recover after the bone graft before your dentist can continue with the implant procedure. However, in the case of a minor bone graft, your dentist will be able to start preparing your mouth for the implant immediately.

After receiving a bone graft, you will experience some discomfort, but nothing that you cannot manage with an over-the-counter analgesic. You may also notice some swelling on your gum or face as well as bruising and bleeding. This tends to go away after just a few days. To help your mouth recover, you’ll need to follow instructions from your dentist as to what you can eat, which will likely involve sticking to soft foods for a few days.

A creative dentist from Creative Dentistry can carry out all surgery you need for your implant. Book a consultation to find if bone grafting is right for you.

What to Expect From Bone Grafting for Dental Implants


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