Getting Same Day Denture Reline in London Ontario

Smile brightly with same day denture reline in London Ontario. Gain confidence with perfectly-fit dentures! Consult the dentists at Creative Dentistry now.

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Dentures give you the opportunity to smile brightly again. When you get dentures, you should also know about relining. But, where do you get same day denture reline in London Ontario?

What is a denture reline?

A denture reline means changing and adjusting the lining of your dentures so it fits you perfectly. Relining makes your daily life easier and more relaxed.

Why do your dentures need relining?

When dentists remove your teeth, tissues around the area break down on a cellular level. Tissues travel to other body parts to work and be used there. Your gums endure a change especially in its shape and density as it recovers from the procedure done.

Kinds of denture reline

There are three types of denture reline at Creative Dentistry. These are called temporary, soft, and hard relines.


Temporary relining makes use of a medicated component that reduces the irritation in your gums. After a few weeks, you need to return to your dentist to have it checked. Your dentist determines whether your gums have healed or if you will still need a new denture or hard relining.


Soft relining means your dentist uses pliable materials like rubber or wax that last for at least two years. Dentists recommend this if your gums have become tender as this leads to more painful spots in your mouth. When you opt to try this, you can get same day denture reline in London Ontario.


Hard relining involves your dentist at Creative Dentistry removing some plastic from your dentures. They place the putty right where the denture touches the tissue. Your dentist makes an impression in the putty by returning the denture back in your mouth. This lasts for about two years.

Where to get your same day denture reline in London Ontario?

Same day denture reline in London Ontario now cost lesser and has become more affordable with prices below $300. Your dentures may feel loose and ill-fitting at times due to the changes that happen in you mouth. With this cost, maintaining your dentures will no longer be heavy on the pocket.

Regain your confidence with relining your denture at Creative Dentistry!




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